Two way / four way Pallets( pinewood )

Two way / four way Pallets( pinewood )

AAKASH ENTERPRISE is one of the leading company which deals with the production of both two-way and four-way pallets. With 25 years of experience in the industry our company has efficaciously completed many projects.

Below are some of the major points of the Two-way and Four-way pallet:

2-way pallets are stronger from end to end, which means they are quite sturdier. For the same reason as the above, a 2-way pallet can carry more weight than a 4-way-pallet. Since the design of a two-way pallet is easier than a 4-way-pallet, it is easier to produce and costs lower.

2-way pallets require storage layout taking into account the fact that they can only be installed in the front or back. These pallets should be placed on the truck in such a way that they will be found on a fork. The limit on how much luggage can be adjusted means that each truck can carry only a limited amount of luggage. People delivering 2-way pallets must spend a lot of time traveling around to maximize efficiency, which takes time and ultimately increases labor costs.

Since forklift entry is possible on either side with a 4-way pallet, it does not require a special placement to allow forklift operators to lift. The flexibility of the 4-way pallet also extends to the back of a small truck, where more pallets can be stored as it does not require special adjustments to deliver. Forklift operators can load quickly and lift 4-way pallets without having to worry about steering them from side to side. This speeds up loading and unloading time and reduces labor costs.

The 4-way-pallet palette has a capacity of 12700kg static weight.. The 4-way block pallets combine high durability and ease of use with other 4-way real-time login benefits.

4-way pallets are expensive as they require a lot of wood and their structure is very complex. But this also increases the weight of the truck loaded with pallets, and travel costs increase. 4-way pallets are usually made of solid pine wood.

AAKASH ENTERPRISE deals both in Two-way as well as in Four-way pallets manufacturing and produces highest quality grade product in both way pallets. At last it depends on the customer which is suitable for his requirements.

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