ISPM-15 Heat Treatment Service

ISPM-15 Heat Treatment Service

AAKASH ENTERPRISE is the one of the leading Wooden Pallet Heat Treatment Service providers. Our proficient team help gratify clients by providing excellence services in this dynamic and competitive business environment.

Heat Treatment is a safe and effective pest control that is useful for the elimination of many bug species that destroy the eminence of wood. This advanced treatment involves using the targeted heat exchanger. It eradicates all stages of insect life from a single treatment. Heat treatment is also effective in eliminating mold and microbes.

Our establishment is well known in the industry for providing ISPM-15 Heat Treatment Services. While we do these services, we use cutting-edge technology and resources. The services offered are highly appreciated among our customers due to our systems steadfastness and comprehensive treatment.

AAKASH ENTERPRISE are able to provide customers with the latest heat treatment services that is ISPM 15 “International Health Standards for wood packaging”. This technique of pest control can be securely applied to a diversity of materials, goods, and supplies. The authorized symbol of ISPM 15 designates compliance with the ISPM 15 standard.

As an exporter or producer concocting for export, you need to protect your investment. So, before shipping your ensuing order, be sure to take a moment to consult with the pest management experts at AAKASH ENTERPRISE before placing your goods on shipping pallets.

If you want we at AAKASH ENTERPRISE will definitely manage all your requirements. As well we will prudently load your luggage into close-fitting pallets and will ensure all safety guidelines that are needed to be followed.

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