One – Way Lashing Systems

One - Way Lashing Systems

AAKASH ENTERPRISE is one of the leading companies offering various products and services in the industry in the field of special handling and lifting. The strength of our organization is the great knowledge of our key person in the field of logistics and lifting for over 25 years and our team has solved many lifting issues in Indian industries. Our engineering team can solve any type of packaging problems. As well it provides you with updates on the latest designs and solutions to meet any of the promotional challenges.

Also, the One-Way Lashing system offers a high yet cost-effective way to unload loads where conventional lashing systems cannot be effective to their destination. The One-Way lashing is used for secure external shipping, as well as factory movements. The One Way Lashing System is ideal for tying large carriage. AAKASH ENTERPRISE has been working with the One-Way lashing system with great expertise for the last 25 years in the industry.

We at AAKASH ENTERPRISE design new solutions, as well as load calculations, we have expertise in performing all types of lashing tasks on all types of project. The cost factor is significantly lowered using the one-way lashing method and the goods reach customers in the same way as they are full, less scratched and safer.

Some of the key benefits of the One Way Lashing System are as follows:

  • Strength is very strong
  • High bearing
  • Excellent conclusion
  • Higher absorption and recovery and recovery.
  • The power of the high cross.
  • High stored discrepancies.
  • High elasticity – excellent elasticity.
  • High resistance to UV rays.
  • The maximum range of operating temperatures (-40c to + 75 c).
  • It can also help with mobility tests.
  • It can work in all weather conditions
  • Ability to operate at different temperatures
  • The end of resistance to panic
  • High bearing
  • Excellent conclusion
  • High Strength

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