Trunkey Logistics

Trunkey Logistics

We are AAKASH ENTERPRISE who provide have successfully completed Turnkey Projects Service services in the whole India. We provide complete Turnkey solution to our customers. We work diligently with our clients to understand important statistics in relation to their services. Dedicated projects ensure the completion of a given allocation within the available time. Our team remains involved from the strategic planning phase to the final completion. We are also the leading Turnkey Projects service providers in India.

AAKASH ENTERPRISE is one of the best Logistics Service providers. Over the years it has evolved into an important part of the supply chain of many of the industries we serve. Value chain management and all its components are no longer specialized tools for the manufacturing sector. AAKASH ENTERPRISE has a pan-India presence and maintains a large consumer base across the country.

We believe that we can bring real value through our consultation process to help our clients focus on their core business and leave the art and science of asset management to us. With this in mind, we have implemented methods and technologies that strengthen all communication of these services that enable us to provide our customers with added value and call for services and solutions as a committed partner in asset management.

Over the past 25 years we have managed and developed all resources and components of key turnaround projects. We take responsibility from the planning stages to the implementation and completion of the project. We have expertise in the areas of domestic and international procurement management, third party property management, storage, property management and more.

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