Container Lashing and Choking(20′,40′ – GP/FT/OT)

Container Lashing and Choking (20',40' - GP/FT/OT)

We AAKASH ENTERPRISE, are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of a wide range of export and service delivery service providers. The range we offer contains the best quality of Wooden Pallets, Wooden Packing Box, Wooden Crates etc. Tested and verified for compliance and export. In addition to this, due to premium quality, long service life, cheap and inexpensive prices, these packaging areas are highly valued by our customers. Our experts strive to understand the domestic and international market, its requirements for wood and plastic packaging materials. In addition to this, our quality controls check all items offered from certain well-defined parameters.

AAKASH ENTERPRISE is a pioneer that provides services in Lashing, Choking, Packaging, and Palletization. With a wide range of experience in goods protection, Vehicle Light / Heavy Lashing, and Choking, we know the needs and requirements of customers from small production units to giants and Industrial. We have been actively involved in Vehicle Light / Heavy Lashing and Choking in Indian market requirements and provide efficient and high-quality services, we have a wide range of Lashing, Choking Packaging and Palletization of different types and types of Cargo our operations ensure high stability, bonding for safety and the capacity.

We have the latest equipment, machinery, best quality, and realistic service, and satisfactory service to our valued customers anytime, anywhere. We regard our employees as one of the most important parts of the organization that plays a role in determining the future of the company and they work very hard and honestly for the benefit of the company. They are all well-educated and well-trained.

Container lashing, choking, the metal strap is available in various widths and sizes depending on the material and provides reliable and high-quality support, Cargo strength, Metal Strapping reinforcement mechanically reinforced with steel strips and pressed with sealing machine. Goods are well protected from free handling and damage during travel. With the support of our talented professionals, we offer a wide variety of Lashing and Choking Services to our customers. We are familiar with the market demand and the latest trends that help us deliver these services to customers in the right way. Ensuring our goodwill and prompt service to you regularly.

Cargo Choking is made of heavy wooden blocks, logs of different sizes and weights, supporting the base of the cargo, the goods are held high and cannot be assembled while being transported and are on the way. Packing is done to remove bags, boxes, cases, etc. with wooden planks covered with metal / plastic straps of different sizes according to customers’ requirements. Palletization of loads made of various types of wood and fiber pallets of different sizes and porridge tightly wrapped with lightweight PVC films. Palletization is also done specifically according to ISPM.

Squeezing of goods is done using heavy wooden blocks or logs of various sizes and weights to support the foundation of the goods. This will ensure that the goods are more secure and cannot be separated during travel. That way, your belongings will be safe and secure when they arrive.

The basic and final goal of delivering cargo is to get them safely to their destination. However, it is well-known that the movement of any kind can move and cause the cargo to move, either inside a container, on a ship, or in space. Therefore, finding goods in the space they are placed in is very important.

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